Connectors and Brackets

Connectors and Brackets

Outsource your high or low volume jobs with us. We can stock your finished or semi-finished brackets, connectors and more. We'll save you time and money.


We fabricated these hooks that our customer uses as part of the process to manufacture plastic parts. 


Welding Pins/Fixtures

These pins/fixtures are used in robotic welders.

Shelf Brackets

Our customer did not have the proper equipment to make these brackets in-house. We made a die set for our 40 Ton Ironworker that produces thousands quickly and economically saving our customer time and money.

Aluminum Capacity Fitting

We make these parts to the requirements of the OEM. We ship the finished parts to a customer in the marine industry.

Stainless Steel Brackets

We fabricate thousands of these brackets in varying lengths. We round the edges, punch the holes and keep an inventory for a truck body supplier.


If a machine isn't in your budget, let us make your clips or brackets. We are equipped with all your fabricating needs.


Pipe Connector

Our customers use these to make frames for greenhouses, tents, deer stands and many other structures.

Mounting Brackets

These brackets are used for LED lights that go on trailers.

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