Louver, Rod and Custom Die Sets

Louver, Rod and Custom Die Sets

Flatten or bend rods, create louvers or let us design a custom die set to improve your productivity saving you time and money.

Flattened and Punched Rod

Our customer needed to flatten their rod and then punch a small hole through it.

Flattening and Punching Die Set

We designed this die set so that the customer only needs one tool for 2 operations saving them from tedius tooling changes.

Shelf Brackets

Our customer did not have the proper equipment to make these brackets in-house. We made a die set for our 40 Ton Ironworker that produces thousands quickly and economically saving our customer time and money.

Multi-Stage Die Set

This die set bends, punches and shears producing many brackets in very little time.


Our customer needed to punch louvers in metal plate.

Louver Die Set

We designed a Louver Die Set to fit their needs.

Steel Crimped for Signs

Our customer need to crimp this metal to display their signs.

Crimping Punch and Die Set

We designed a simple punch and die set for them.

Retaining Brackets

Our customer needed to make retaining brackets for boxing rings.

Double Bar Bend Die Set

Our engineers designed a double bar bend attachment for their machine that makes consistent, repeatable bends and streamlines their production.

File Tang

Our customer needed to make multiple file tangs. 



File Tang Die Set

This die set cuts the file tang in 2 quick operations.

Custom Channel

Our customer needed to fabricate aluminum window trim.

Custom Channel Shear Die Set

We designed a die set that shears the channel to length and simultaneously punches 2 holes so that they can fabricate many parts in very little time.

Ceiling Light Base

This customer needed to punch the base plate leg up to fit an on/off switch.

Custom Die Set

We designed this die set to allow room for punching a square hole leg up.

Gun Sight

Our customer wanted to make gun sights.

​Gun Sight Die Set

We used his sketch to design this punch and die set. He can easily slide his material between the die and the stripper and make multiple sights.

Aluminum Channel

The channel is punched on the serrated side. The material does not bow or get a burr when punched. This allows the mating part to lock into the fine square teeth.

Aluminum Channel Die Set

This die set punches square holes in aluminum channel. The stop allows for accurate, efficient production.