Tube and Pipe

Tube and Pipe

Round or square, tube or pipe, schedule 40, schedule 80 or Gauge wall thickness.

Pipe Hole Punching

Our customer needed to punch 1" holes in galvanized tubing as far as 3-1/2" from the end.

Round Mandrel Die Set

Our solution was a Round Mandrel Die Set.

Square Tube Punching

Our customer needed to punch holes in 2-1/2" square tube to be used for bike racks.

Square Mandrel Die Set

We designed this Square Mandrel Die Set to streamline their production.

Fabricated Pipe

Our customer needed to fabricate pipe for steel frame structures.

Pipe Flattening, Rounding and Punching Die Set

We designed this die set to flatten the pipe, cut the radius, crimp the end and punch the hole in one operation to dramatically improve their time to market.

Fabricated Pickets

Pickets for fences can be made easily with your ornamental iron.

Picket Punch and Die Set

We stock punch and die sets in many styles to fit your machine. If we don't have it in stock, we can make it for you in no time. Just tell us what machine you have and what size picket you need.

Fabricated Tube for Bar Stools

We can fabricate your tube into a foot rest quickly and accurately.

Dimple and Punch Die Set

This die set dimples the tube while punching it so the bolts fit flush. It even punches on the angle. 

Fabricated Square Tubing

Our customer uses the finished product for exterior column posts.

Mandrel Die Set

This die set is for punching gauge material and has stops for punching multiple holes efficiently.