Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

We can manufacture your replacement parts from a sample or sketch to the requirements of the OEM.

Air Regulators

Our customer that manufactures plastic products requires both of these parts to push hot air through plastic molds.

Air Vortex

We are able to manufacture large quantities at a low cost to our customer saving them time and money.

Gear Blanks

After CST sourced the material, turned, milled and finished the blank, the gear manufacturer only needed to cut the teeth and heat treat to have a finished product.

Die Holder

CST reverse engineered the die block, developed a drawing, milled the block, drilled and tapped holes, heat treated the finished part and laser marked it.

Bronze Bushing

CST sourced the bronze and turned and milled it to the manufacturers specifications. We keep an inventory for rapid replenishment.

Bronze Retainer

We also manufacture and keep inventory for the retainers for heavy truck parts.

Die Holder

Did your die holder crack or chip? Is the original manufacturer out of business? Don't worry, send us a sample of your broken die holder and we will reverse engineer it and get it out the door in no time.


 A distributor of pneumatic and hand cutting tools needed a domestic supplier of replacement blades. CST produces finished blades in a variety of configurations. An inventory of all sizes is held, reducing lead times by months.

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