Custom Parts

Custom Parts

Custom Tooling

Punches, Dies, Blades and Die Sets Made to Order

Cleveland Steel Tool specializes in the rapid turnaround of your custom items.  Send us a drawing or a sample and we’ll manufacture your part to your specifications.  Or call us at 800-446-4402 and talk to our engineers and application specialists. 

We can provide your custom tool, whether it's a modification to a stock punch, or a custom die set to punch a unique hole pattern in a single stroke. Call our experienced staff, and ask about our fast turnaround and unparalleled design services.

  • Tooling for any machine- Ironworker of Bed Press. Even for manufacturers long since out of business
  • Punches- Extra Long, special materials, unique shapes, special punch and die holders or alignment tools, unusual locating features
  • Dies- Offset, special height or diameter, tapered or straight through slug hole, unique locating spots
  • Die Sets- Punch two or more holes at once, punch and cut to length in one stroke with a Trim and Part die set, customize your punching or bending application    Click for Video
  • Corner Rounding- round off your plate corners with an ironworker, in any desired radius for designs, emblems and base plates.  Click for Video
  • Picket tooling- perfect fence pickets every time, for round or square shape posts   Click for video
  • Tooling to cope, notch, bend, crimp or countersink  Click for Video
  • Pipe notching - Schedule 40 to 80 Pipe
  • Shear Blades for any Ironworker or shear up to 36"- flat bar, angle shear, coper (square) notcher
  • Other blades- for cable, rod, plate, rebar
  • Turning, Milling, Grinding, EDM

View our Video Library to see our Custom Tooling in action.

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